View stream subscribers

Who is subscribed to a stream determines who receives the messages sent there. All non-guest users can view public streams and subscribe themselves. Organization administrators can configure who can subscribe and unsubscribe other users to streams.

View stream subscribers

  1. Click on the gear () icon in the upper right corner of the web or desktop app.

  2. Select Stream settings.

  3. Click All streams in the upper left.

  4. Select a stream.

  5. Select the Subscribers tab on the right.

You can also hover over a stream in the left sidebar, click on the ellipsis (), and select Stream settings to access the Subscribers tab.

  1. Click on a stream in the left sidebar.

  2. View subscribers in the In this stream section in the right sidebar. If the section is collapsed, click In this stream to reveal it.

To see the full list of subscribers for a stream that has more than 600 people subscribed, scroll to the bottom of the In this stream section, and click View all subscribers.